• Our includes all the facilities including sports ,drama, dance , etc.
  • fully air conditioned for the minor students .
  • there is a ratio maintained for atleast 2 teachers per 15 students.
  • Physical Education is an important component of school curriculum. The popular games played in the school are: Table Tennis, Volleyball, Roller Skating, Throw Ball, Hand Ball and Badminton. Special coaches have been arranged for all these games
  • Music and dance gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind flight to the imagination and life to everything. Music plays a very important role to develop students imagination and creativity. There are two different sections of music in our school, First is vocal music room and the other one is instrumental music room. Periods are divided for different classes for vocal music, in which students enhance their singing capability and they are being encouraged to know and learn Indian Classical music. The very important part of our rich Indian Culture as well as semi classical and light music also. Tough music is a practical subject, yet basic theoretical concepts of Indian Music also take place in music class. On the other hand number of students opt for instrumental music also in which they learn playing various instruments like Harmonium, Keyboard, tabla, congo, Drum set, Dholak, Guitar etc. Instrumnetal music room has been equipped with all above different musical instruments. Students have been encouraged to play instruments in morning assembely with singing chair.
  • The school has at its disposal a fleet of 2 vans covering all adjourning area of faridabad and sehatpur . Approximately 50 children are already availing these facilities.